Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Note to Readers

"The Spectacles Seller"
after Jan van der (Giovanni Stradano) Straet
engraved by Jan Collaert and Joan Galle (1600-76)

Dear Readers,

I have a couple of minor announcements to make. First, about Conciatore the book; to those that have been waiting, thank you for your long patience. After numerous delays, I am pleased to say that last week I inspected the color proofs from the printer and they look very nice indeed. At this point in the game, to set another release date would only tempt fate; with this project I never seem to be able to meet my own deadlines. For me, it is a situation that defies comprehension, but there is no reason to think it will change. Rest assured though, that we are now in the final stages. I very much hope that you will be pleased with the result. Tell me, is it too early to start flogging the ground for potential reviewers?

Second, by the time you read this Lori and I will be on our way to London and environs for a much anticipated rest and visit with friends. I have scheduled regular posts on this blog, three times per week as usual, with images and teasers on the associated Facebook page. I have chosen a handful of early posts to rerun in my absence. The plan is to return toward the end of the month, when I expect to resume blogging with fresh vitality. For those of you who have already devoured the entire website, I have added a short preface to some of the upcoming posts just to keep you on the hook. I have not preprogrammed anything for my Twitter feed @conciatore_org, as that just seems wrong on so many levels. I will check-in there as often as I can.

My best regards,

-Paul Engle

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