Privacy Policy

General:  Whether you are a curious 'surfer' or a return visitor of this blog, I am honored to have you as a guest and I make every effort to respect your privacy. I never collect any information about visitors to this blog other than the normal non-specific statistics generated by Blogger. No information about my readers will be transferred by me to advertisers or to anyone else under normal circumstances. I have no access to your originating URL unless you tell me, nor do I seek it. Information may be collected by Blogger (Google)  in the normal course of visiting this blog, however I have no control over that, nor do I receive any details that may or may not be collected. This is no different from any other Blogger hosted blog.

Comments:  All comments posted to the blog are reviewed by me before posting. Obvious spam will be deleted and the originating URL will be flagged through Blogger (without me discovering the specific address). Any comments pertinent to the blog will be posted as quickly as I can manage. Any personal or identifying information will be withheld from publication, unless you specifically request it and it is pertinent to the blog.

Cookies: I do not place cookies on the computers of my visitors, however, Blogger (Google) may do so, but again I have no access to these nor will I seek access. My European readers may be given a notification about cookies, with options relevant to local laws. These notices are generated by Blogger, as required by your local laws. Again, I have nothing to do with these, not do I receive any information as a result.

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