Paul Engle is an independent researcher with a long standing interest in Antonio Neri. The following is a short list of his previously published writing on the subject:

Antonio Neri, L'Arte Vetraria, the Art of Glass, Paul Engle, ed., tr. (Hubbardston, Massachusetts: Heiden & Engle, 2003-2007), vv. 3.

Paul Engle, "Depicting Alchemy: Illustrations from Antonio Neri's 1599 Manuscript," in, Glass of the Alchemists: Lead Crystal–Gold Ruby, 1650-1750, Dedo von Kerssenbrock-Krosigk, ed. (Corning: The Corning Museum of Glass, 2008), pp. 48-61.

Antonio Neri [videorecording]: the man behind the myth / by Paul Engle; The Corning Museum of Glass.
Artist/Author: Corning Museum of Glass. Seminar on Glass (47th: 2008: Corning, N.Y.)
Publisher: Corning, N.Y.: Corning Museum of Glass, 2008.

Pieter Boer, Paul Engle, "Antonio Neri: An Annotated Bibliography of Primary References", in Journal of Glass Studies, v. 52 (2010), pp. 51-67.

Maria Grazia Grazzini, "Discorso sopra la Chimica: the Paracelsian Philosophy of Antonio Neri" in Nuncius, 2012, v. 27, pp. 411-467. (English translation by Paul Engle).

Paul Engle, Conciatore, the Life and Times of 17th Century Glassmaker Antonio Neri.
2014, pp. 394.  A biography of the famed alchemist, glassmaker and Catholic priest.

Antonio Neri, L'Arte Vetraria, Paul Engle, ed., tr. A new English translation by Paul Engle, Revised 2nd edition, will be on sale in 2016.

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